Sound Hardwood Solutions

Retail / Office Space

Should you own a boutique or gift store you are likely to to want to make your space look quaint and individual.  For the restaurant and or bar owner, creating a cozy/fun environment that suits your customers tastes is imperative.  Office spaces are our '2nd home' we should work in an environment that we enjoy coming to and flooring can be a big part of that.  There are a lot of options that will meet your needs to withstand the abuse that floors take. 

Working with business owners can be challenging.  I understand the value of doing a job right and in the shortest amount of time as to not extend the amount of down time-lost profits.  With new finish products, a maintenance coat can be applied in an evening and used the next day. Just like in a home, refinishing a floor is a great way to change the décor and ambiance and can be done in a relatively short amount of time.

Check out what this business owner did for their employees.  How about a game of 'HORSE' from your office chair?