Sound Hardwood Solutions

Sanding & Refinishing

Our refinishing process can give you the look of a new gym floor for a fraction of the cost of a new one. This process will bring new life to your floor, it is a great opportunity to update logos/game lines and repair any damaged/broken pieces of wood. This process is needed every 8-10 years, sometimes sooner, depending on your maintenance program.

Maintenance Coat

The skill of finish/recoating deserves recognition. Here, at Sound Hardwood Solutions, we take pride in our finish/recoating service. Specialists in the field, we consistently transform gym floors into works of art-we have coated hundreds of thousands of feet. Our talented team of professionals work together until the ultimate finish recoating result is achieved.
The Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association (MFMA) suggests an annual recoating of most wood flooring systems.  An annual maintenance coat is critical in extending the life of your floor. It is a great opportunity to make your floor look new again and provide an extra wear layer. With todays new finish products, your maintenance coat can be applied and finished over a long weekend and be ready for use on Monday morning. No longer does the facility need to be shut down for a week. Our pricing to complete this process is extremely competitive. With bulk pricing for multiple floors within a school district, it may be more time and cost efficient  to have Sound Hardwood Solutions, annually refinish your gym floors than to have your maintenance staff do it.

Custom Painting/Staining
From game lines to custom logos, Sound Hardwood Solutions can replicate nearly any image directly onto your floor. We offer a wide variety of colors to match your needs. Our design team can take your existing artwork, logos, graphics and place them on your floor during the paint process. If you require assistance in the creation of your logo, we can help with this process too.